New Ghost Trick Concept Art and Screenshots

Announced late last year, Ghost Trick is the brainchild of Shu Takumi, the creator of the Ace Attorney series. Today, Capcom was kind enough to send us new Ghost Trick concept art and screens, and so here they are, readers!In case you need a little memory refresh on what exactly Ghost Trick is, here's the lowdown.

Ghost Trick follows the story of Sissel, an amnesiac ghost who's sole purpose in life (or death, as the case may be) is to use his ghostly powers to protect the lives of innocent people while attempting to uncover the secrets behind his own untimely demise. By inhabiting inanimate objects placed in the game world, Sissel returns to the 4 minutes before a character's death in an attempt to save them from their fate. If you want to check out the debut trailer, you can do so right here.

The newly released screenshots can be found below, placed in a neat left-right sequence so that you can easily navigate through the order of events:

Much like the Ace Attorney games, the scene begins with a character already within the game-space, exquisitely drawn in the foreground, narrating the current puzzle.

Then, as you navigate through the objects in the world you can interact with each in different ways. It's up to you to choose which will work best in your situation!

I think I can guess who's the unfortunate victim in this scenario. With just four minutes to save the little girl, can it be done? I certainly hope so! She looks cute as a button.

This is the Lady's apartment, full of different objects to tinker about with. The great thing about having such a small environment is that it's clear that the developers want it to be as dense as possible, meaning that there are probably a multitude of different ways to approach the task at hand.

Click Here to View the Concept Art for Ghost Trick!

Concept Art

The Lady in Purple

The Lady's Daughter

Sissel and Lynn (Got to have the heroes somewhere, right?)

So, Reader, after that amazing onslaught of information, what do you think of Ghost Trick? Personally, I am incredibly excited for this game; The Ace Attorney series is, hands-down, my favorite game series to date (bring on Apollo Justice 2 at E3!). Although the style of gameplay looks incredibly different, I have faith in Shu Takumi to bring another fantastic series into my life. I honestly can't wait.

Were you a fan of Ace Attorney? Are you excited for Ghost Trick? Let us know in the comments below. Also, we should have two new trailers for Ghost Trick in a story coming up soon.

Ghost Trick will be available exclusively on the Nintendo DS platform in Winter this year.

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