New 'Gears of War' Developed for Xbox One Only

New Gears Of War is Xbox One Only

Gears of War was one of the must-have franchises of the last console generation, with Marcus Fenix's fight against the Locust Horde seen by many as the best Xbox 360 exclusive series. Developer Epic Games brought the Gears of War core story to a successful close with Gears of War 3, but the final Xbox 360 title, Gears of War: Judgment, did not live up to the highs of the original trilogy.

In spite of the disappointment surrounding Judgment, many fans were thrilled at the prospect of a next gen Gears of War game for the new console generation. Sure enough, Microsoft would oblige, and the publisher bought the rights to the series from Epic Games last year. Developer Black Tusk studios was to take over the franchise, and release a sequel currently under the name of Gears of War 4.

Unfortunately, it's now been revealed that the latest Gears of War title will not join its predecessors on the console that made the series successful. According to Jack Felling, one of the developers of the upcoming Black Tusk title, Gears of War 4 will not be available on the Xbox 360. The news was revealed on Twitter, when Felling replied to a fan asking about whether the new Gears of War game would see a Xbox 360 release.


This may not come as much of a surprise to some, as the latest Gears of War game has never been confirmed for a Xbox 360 release. However, fans of the series yet to make the jump to the new console generation are bound to be disappointed. Hopes may have risen after other new-gen games had cross-generation releases, such as Forza Horizon 2, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, but it looks like Black Tusk Studios has made the decision to prioritize a Xbox One release.

As of yet, little is known about Gears of War 4, aside some several promising quotes from Microsoft and Black Tusk Studios. The new Gears title will apparently bring the series back to its roots, and return to a "soulful" and "dark" feel. Meanwhile, Phil Spencer has said the development team at Black Tusk is making "massive progress" with the title. With E3 just weeks away, fans will no doubt be looking out for more details and the expo could see the release of a Gears of War 4 trailer.

At the moment, the new Gears of War game is apparently the main focus of Black Tusk Studios. There have been rumors circulating that previous Gears of War games would see a HD collection for the Xbox One, after Phil Spencer said that fans should "stay tuned" for news of the project. However, idea was swiftly stubbed out by Black Tusk, who said that no Marcus Fenix Collection was in the works. If the new Gears title is a success, however, the prospect will no doubt look promising for the developer.

Source: Twitter

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