New Final Fantasy Project Teased, Chrono Trigger Director Attached


A website teasing a new Final Fantasy announcement pops up online, and it appears famed Chrono Trigger director Takashi Tokita is heavily involved in the project.

The list changes drastically depending upon who gamers ask, but in the discussion over the greatest JRPGs ever made, Chrono Trigger has a special seat of honor as one of the titles that is never left off any serious list. The Square Enix masterpiece was revolutionary at the time of its creation and has since become a constant point of reference in RPG development. Even some of the character maneuvers from Chrono Trigger have become genre staples, with terms like "Grand Cross" and the legendary sword Masamune appearing in an incredible number of JRPGs over the years.

While the discussion about JRPGs lately has rightfully been focused on the upcoming Final Fantasy 15, it appears that Chrono Trigger might once again enter the conversation - albeit tangentially at best. A website teasing a new Final Fantasy announcement appeared online earlier today, featuring a countdown that is scheduled to finish five days from this article's publication date. While more details will inevitably be made available once the countdown expires, the website already features a message from Takashi Tokita, the director of Chrono Trigger:

"Final Fantasy is about characters with anger and sadness, and dramatic battles full of humanity. And more than anything else, we should not forget the fantasy."

Tokita's involvement, which seems all but confirmed, is a huge deal for the new Final Fantasy project. The legendary game director was a major influence in Chrono Trigger's design and development, and he was also responsible for Final Fantasy 4 and the widely-praised Parasite Eve. The website also features some incredible art from Yoshitaka Amano, a Final Fantasy icon in his own right.


Those hoping that Tokita will be able to flex his creative muscles on a new property will get their wish, as the website's URL has "FF_NEW" in it, which strongly indicates a brand new game rather than a remaster or adaptation. Tokita's involvement in the title also makes a lot of sense given that he has spent the last few years producing Final Fantasy titles for mobile devices - the website prominently displays the words "iPhone" and "Android" at the bottom of its page, meaning the new Final Fantasy game will certainly be mobile.

It's definitely too early to speculate what the next Final Fantasy game will look like, but gamers have gotten their first glimpse of its direction today. While the game being on mobile devices is sure to be a controversial decision, with a talent pool that includes Takashi Tokita and Yoshitaka Amano, the newest Final Fantasy title has JRPG fans paying close attention.

Source: Square Enix (via Game Spot)

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