Each week, we spotlight a few stories from the previous week that didn’t reach the front page at Game Rant. This week, we’re discussing a new Final Fantasy game, Project CARS sequel, and more.

Here are the stories for this week’s Video Game Round-Up:

Square Enix Teases New Final Fantasy Game

With Square Enix currently working on Final Fantasy 15 and the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, it’s hard to imagine the company would be ready to announce another Final Fantasy game. However, that is exactly what the developer has done.

In the above trailer, Square Enix reveals a collaboration between Seiken Densetsu: Final Fantasy Adventure and the mobile title Rise of Mana. For those too young to remember, Final Fantasy Adventure was the name of the first title in the Mana series, which appeared on the Game Boy in the 90s.

Square Enix has yet to release any information about the game, though it’s likely new details will be inbound soon.

Source: YouTube

Persona 5 Screenshots Leak Ahead of Second Trailer Release

Persona 5 Masked Character

Although Persona 5 is set to launch later this year, there’s still very little known about the title. Luckily, that will change soon, once developer Atlus releases a new trailer.

In preparation for the new trailer, Atlus has released the below screenshots of Persona 5, which show off the colorful characters and environments of the RPG.

Persona 5 is set to release in December on PS3 and PS4.

Project CARS Sequel Announced

Project Cars Delayed to May

On their company blog, developer Slightly Mad Studios announced the studio is turning “its attention to the future with the announcement of the continuation of the franchise with Project CARS 2.”

Those who are currently playing Project CARS, don’t fret; the developer revealed they will continue to support the first Project CARS with updates, new content, and fresh features throughout the year.

While Slightly Mad Studios didn’t provide any release date or timeline information, Project CARS 2 is likely at least a couple years away.

Source: Slightly Mad Studios

Prototype 2 May be Headed to PlayStation 4

Prototype 2 Hero

Remastering last-gen video games for current gen has become a popular activity for developers. Doing so gives gamers a chance to relive their favorite gaming moments from those games, while providing developers with an influx of revenue.

While Prototype 2 doesn’t immediately spring to mind when gamers think about a remastered last-gen title, apparently Radical Entertainment thinks it’s a good move. Exophase recently uncovered some new trophies for the game that hint at its remaster for PS4. It’ll be interesting to see if it truly comes to fruition.

Nintendo Explains Why They Won’t Discount Digital Releases

Bowser vs Mario

During the most recent investor briefing, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata discussed the numerous complaints from gamers that eShop prices aren’t any better than physical copies of games.

“We believe download versions have the same value and should be priced the same.

“Some companies price downloads cheaper due to the there being no used sales or store price reductions. We stress the value of Nintendo software, so we price the same.”

While some Nintendo gamers may be disappointed, it seems the gaming giant will continue this practice until something changes their minds. That something would most likely be gamers refusing to purchase digital games until prices are dropped. It’ll be interesting to see if this happens.

Balder’s Gate Website Hints at Big Reveal

Balders Gate Website Countdown

The Balder’s Gate official website is currently sporting a digital countdown that seems to hint at an upcoming major announcement. The countdown is set to end on Friday, July 10 at 7:00 pm EST.

We know the game will not be Balder’s Gate 3, but beyond that there’s little information available. Developer Beamdog did, however, claim that the upcoming game will be “something bigger than we’ve ever done before.”

It’ll be exciting to see what they have in store when the timer hits zero.

Source: Balder’s Gate

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