John Romero, co-creator of the original Doom, releases a brand new map for the 1993 game, promising similar FPS gameplay in his upcoming project Blackroom.

Although the id Software Doom reboot is one of the most highly anticipated game releases of 2016, no matter how good the game is it is unlikely to erase the original Doom from the minds of gamers. Now, those who have remained tied to the iconic first-person shooter have a tidbit of new content for the game, which has arrived from a rather authentic source. John Romero, one of the original designers, has just released a new map for the first title in the franchise.

Romero, who played a significant role the creation of the original 1993 Doom, revealed this brand new content via Twitter. Announcing that it is “time for a surprise” for all Doom fans following the famous designer, Romero provided a link to download the map. Dubbed E1M4b, the map has already gained praise from plenty of users.

Although fans of the original Doom will no doubt enjoy the new content, Romero’s reasons for uploading this new map, which can also be found on Dropbox, were not entirely altruistic. Instead, Romero also took a moment to discuss his new, in-development title. The designer has stated that his upcoming shooter project with offer up more classic FPS gameplay, stating “this is the kind of classic FPS gameplay I’m promising.”

Time for a surprise! This is the kind of classic FPS gameplay I'm promising. [[ E1M4b ]]— John Romero (@romero) April 26, 2016

That game in question is Blackroom, a first-person shooter that is currently scheduled for a 2018 release. Romero has teamed up with another fellow member of the Doom id Software crew in the form of Adrian Carmack, and initially teased the announcement of the game in a Star Wars: The Force Awakens-influenced video. As of yet, however, it is still early days regarding exactly what gamers can expect from this project.

The malleability and long-lasting fun of the original Doom games is one of the reasons why the franchise became such a huge part of gaming history. In fact, the modding and creation community for Doom is still going strong today. Indeed, one talented mod creator made a new map for Doom very recently, using one of the levels from Goldeneye 007 as inspiration.

Although Romero’s new game is a long way away, the franchise he helped bring to gaming is getting another iteration very soon. DOOM is expected to launch on May 13 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4, and FPS fans are desperately hoping that the game delivers on the hype surrounding its beta test periods and live-action trailers. With the game’s expected advanced PC settings now available, the release of this reboot is only weeks away.

Source: Dropbox, Twitter

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