New ‘Destiny’ Screenshots Show Off the Aliens, the Action & the Environments

By | 3 years ago 

The Xbox One and PS4 didn’t perform too shabbily during the early weeks of their respective releases, each selling a few million units before the end of 2013, but many gamers are holding out on buying new consoles until something really special comes along. While Bungie’s new RPG shooter Destiny will be available on current-gen consoles (read: the older ones), what we’ve seen of the game so far looks so pretty that it could be worth upgrading just to see it in the best graphical quality possible.

Destiny is one of Game Rant’s most highly anticipated games of 2014, and with good reason. Fans of the genre, and of Bungie’s previous work, have been hooked ever since early concept art was released and as we count down to its fall release every new look at Destiny makes the wait more difficult to handle. Concept art can be a little misleading, however, so for a look at what the game will look like when playing it Sony has released a new batch of screenshots from Destiny.

One of the images shows a group of the Vex – a time-travelling, partly robotic species whose strange extended head shape is somewhat reminiscent of the Collector General in Mass Effect. Bungie’s senior artist, David Candland, has teased thatthe fiction behind [the Vex] is really fascinating, which, in turn, creates one of the coolest deaths in the game.” Who knows what that means; perhaps when you shoot them they get sucked into a time vortex.

Destiny - Aliens

As with Halo, Destiny doesn’t seem to be too big on the idea of faces, preferring instead to keep everyone covered up with helmets and heavy armor. However, the inability to specify your character’s eye height is just one omission in a game that will apparently have a huge number of options to customize the player characters, from picking a class and race to choosing which skills to hone. Overall, the game is definitely starting to look like a sci-fi version of Skyrim with emphasis on multiplayer instead of single player.

Despite the very appealing marketing campaign, the anticipation for Destiny isn’t all sunshine and roses, as some players have expressed concern at the fact that the game will employ a monetization model (because paying $60 to own it isn’t enough monetization).

Senior writer Eric Osborne has said that paying extra won’t give players an extra advantage, but we’ll hold off judgement until it’s clear just which elements of the game will cost extra.

Destiny releases September 9, 2014 for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.


Source: Sony