New Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Hunter Exotic Revealed

destiny 2 shadowkeep hunter exotic

A ton of eyes poured over the big news related to Destiny 2 coming out of Gamescom 2019, where the developer Bungie revealed the existence of the Nightmare Hunt mode, a solid look at the Moon map, and a new cinematic related to the Vex and the Black Garden. It's easy enough for smaller things to get lost in the shuffle with such big news breaking, but that's not the case with Redditor ShottyBiondi.

While many were tuned into Gamescom in awe of everything being revealed, ShottyBiondi managed to get a capture of a new Hunter exotic showcased during the Xbox Gamescom stream. This new Destiny 2 Hunter exotic is dubbed the "Assassin's Cowl," and the reception to it has thus far been positive. There has been a little confusion over its armor perk, but that'll likely be cleared up prior to the launch of Shadowkeep.

The Assassin's Cowl is shown with the armor perk Vanishing Execution that rewards the player with invisibility, health, and shields in a certain situation. To use this ability, Destiny 2 players have to defeat another guardian with a melee attack or another combatant (in general) with a finisher. The confusion lies in the wording under when exactly it triggers, how the shield restoration works (vs. overshield), if it works with melee abilities, and how or if it would affect Spectral Blades.

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Nonetheless, the Assassin's Cowl gives players another nice look into Shadowkeep's forthcoming Armor 2.0 system, which has received quite a bit of attention as of late. There's even a Destiny 2 perk calculator tool that allows players to manage builds that fit the forthcoming 2.0 system.

destiny 2 assassins cowl

This Hunter exotic isn't the first to be showcased for Destiny 2, however, as a strange new weapon was showcased a few weeks ago. At GuardianCon, select members of Bungie unveiled a strange Shadowkeep heavy machine gun exotic that is seemingly powered by a crystallized bug. If these exotics are any indication, it seems as if players will be getting quite the treat with Shadowkeep.

Destiny 2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version currently in development.

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Source: Reddit

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