There aren’t enough Wild West video games these days. Aside from Rockstar’s tremendously successful Red Dead Redemption and Fatshark’s Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West– developers just don’t seem interested in the oft-unexplored sub genre. Thankfully, Techland has begun teasing the next game in the Call of Juarez series – and a return to the series’ Old West roots, a welcome change after Call of Juarez: The Cartels modern day setting failed to impress fans.

The official Call of Juarez Facebook page was updated this morning, displaying a brand new cover photo. The image, teasing a reveal for September 6th, is that of a lone cowboy, sitting pensively in a saloon. Fans of the series will be glad to hear that image looks to bring the series back to the Old West, as evidenced by the clothing style of the cowboy and bartender.

We’ve known for sometime that Ubisoft was planning to bring the series back to the Wild West. The publisher sent out a survey last year, asking owners of The Cartel what they would like to see in an upcoming, unannounced game. The list itself was comprised of Old West tropes, suggesting the next Call of Juarez title would be a return to form, after The Cartel moved the series to a less-than-stellar modern day setting.

Next Call of Juarez Teased

There are still plenty of unanswered questions about the game, such as whether or not it will once again star the McCall family. If one thing is for sure, it’s that that series developer Techland will once again be at the helm. The Polish developer shared the teaser image on its Facebook page, suggesting that it is involved in the project. The studio is also currently working on Dead Island: Riptide, and an second game codenamed Project Hell.

As a fan of the series, it’s quite exciting to the see the franchise go back to its roots. Bound in Blood is still one of my favorite shooters this generation, and the series’ move to a modern setting still stings, especially because the Old West setting is what made games so unique. Still, we should hear more about the game tomorrow – which means I’ll be spending all of today quietly anticipating tomorrow’s announcement.

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