New Brink Trailer: 'Ready and Able'

Brink Ready and Able Trailer

Developer Splash Damage’s latest game Brink is on the, er, verge of release. The upcoming FPS, which will be published by Bethesda, showcases the battle between two rival factions - fighting for control of resources on the overpopulated floating city, The Ark.

Game Rant’s hands-on preview gives an insightful first look at Brink and emphasizes the team-based aspect of the game, as well as the surprisingly intelligent AI. Whether you've already pre-ordered Brink or you don't know what to think, be sure and check out the newest trailer from Splash Damage below.

In a gaming atmosphere clouded with cookie cutter first person shooters, Brink appears to offer something fresh. Based on the footage from previous trailers, Brink could be described as a hybrid of Mirror’s Edge and Team Fortress 2, with a heavy focus on customization. That is in no way a knock on the game, but rather a compliment that Splash Damage has taken inspiration from some really great games.


This latest trailer starts off by showing a couple large locations, including an airplane hangar and shipyard. Then, it quickly gets in to showcasing some of the abilities for each class. The soldier's abilities include a few different grenades and other weapon based items, but seem fairly bland as a whole. That said, the Molotov Cocktail shown in action is pretty satisfying.

Next, the trailer shows off the operative’s sticky bomb, but also briefly passes over an ability called, “Firewall Command Post.” This ability increases the time needed for enemies to capture your team's command post. Since the game is tactical and based around controlling resources, this ability could end up being a game changer.

The engineer class is all about building and modifying machinery. As they scroll through the engineer's ability menu, there are several different turrets, but the trailer only shows the Gatling Turret in action. The Gatling Turret isn’t anything earth shattering, but it's sure to bring some satisfaction in battle. Viewers that pay close attention will also notice that the engineer can acquire the ability to upgrade command posts and improve weapon buffs.

The trailer goes on to give a glimpse of an operative hacking a turret to turn on its creator, as well as a medic using "Self Resurrection" to revive himself. Not many of the class abilities are shown, but there seem to be a somewhat wide range of options.

Overall the trailer does a good job of conveying all the different factors that make Brink unique, while focusing on the character abilities. The customization options allow each individual gamer to add their own flair to a character, while the parkour elements seem to affect gameplay and incorporate strategy into how players traverse the environment. Additionally, the smooth and cartoonish art style make the look of Brink easy to appreciate.

Does Brink strike you as an evolution of the FPS genre or is it simply too ambitious?

Keep an eye on Brink when it releases on May 17, 2011 for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.


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