5 Things We Want To See In Blizzard’s Next MMO

By | 2 years ago 

5 Things Next Blizzard MMO Factions

Gamers have been throwing around the notion of a new massively multiplayer online game from World of Warcraft developer Blizzard for years. From the oft-rumored Titan to the more recent trademark of Overwatch, there has been no shortage of speculation. Following the recent report that Blizzard may finally unveil their next MMO at this year’s BlizzCon, all those years of waiting could be about to pay off.

With genre heavyweight World of Warcraft continuing to perform well, one is left to question what direction Blizzard might take their next project in. Having expressed an interest in annualizing the game’s future expansions, it’s a safe bet that the new title will take the developer in a different direction, under a different IP. But what could that direction be?

With the MMO sphere becoming more and more crowded each day, the task on Blizzard’s shoulders is a tough one. While reinvention of the wheel might not be necessary, a thorough remodeling both inside and out will be required if the game is to live up to its pedigree and stand out from the competition. As such, the following represents six of the features that we feel would contribute to a strong MMO framework.

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