Blizzard Planning To Unveil New MMO At BlizzCon 2014

New Blizzard MMO Rumor Announcement At Blizzcon

Despite their many successes in and around the world of PC gaming, it's hard to deny that Blizzard's crowning glory is the massively multiplayer online behemoth of World of Warcraft. Nearing the game's tenth birthday, expectations for this years BlizzCon event is for an announcement of epic proportions as a means of celebration. For many, this then conjures dreams of a followup to the unrelenting hit - a new MMO from Blizzard.

According to an insider involved with Blizzard and their annual convention, it looks as though these dreams could be quite close to coming to fruition with Blizzard's next MMO supposedly receiving a formal announcement at this year's BlizzCon. Speculation abounds as to what this project could be though. On one hand, this new MMO could be the fabled but elusive Titan. Following the company's recent trademark of Overwatch though, it's entirely possible that this could serve as the title's moniker.

With Blizzard rarely shying away from taking risks on their community as evidenced by their overhaul of World of Warcraft's PvP system for the next expansion, almost anything could accompany this announcement. Having put an interest in annual WoW expansions and seeing recent increases in subscriptions, it's likely that this new project will aim to fill a different niche entirely, especially after Blizzard's admission that Titan (assuming this is the rumored title) is "unlikely to be a subscription-based MMORPG."

New Blizzard MMO Rumor Announcement At Blizzcon Orc

Following the announcements of World of Warcraft's new Warlords of Draenor expansion, Hearthstone's plans to enter open beta, and the inclusion of an adventure mode in Diablo 3, last year's BlizzCon event was nothing to shrug one's shoulders at. It may not reside within the E3 rush, but the company relegates their largest announcements to their own event - held this year on November 7 and 8. Tickets are on sale this week.

With Hearthstone having recently made its way to the iPad and possibly gearing up for an eventual console release, it's even possible that this next Blizzard project could toss aside all expectations and make its way to a platform outside of PC. Blizzard is a hard nut to crack and in the months leading up to BlizzCon and the purported reveal of their next MMO, speculation and rumors are sure to abound.  All we know is that they're planning to go big this year and it'll be all about their new unannounced MMO, whatever that may be. There's definitely room in the desktop app for another title or two.

What do you thing Blizzard's next MMO will entail? What features would you most like to see in a new title from the PC giant?


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