New BioWare Title Gets a Teaser Trailer for the Teaser Trailer

BioWare New IP Teaser Trailer

It’s been almost a year since the Spike VGAs brought us the first teaser trailer for Mass Effect 3, a reveal that was initially thought to be for a completely different BioWare game. Now, with another BioWare reveal on the horizon, gamers will finally get to put their speculation hats back on, and this time the end product should be a new IP.

This new unnamed title was briefly teased in screenshot form, a screenshot that had a much more military focus, and now a new trailer has been released that further reaffirms that sensibility. Unfortunately, this being a teaser for a teaser, there’s more footage from past and present BioWare games like Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age, but there is a bit more new content.

As you’ll see, there’s still no clear understanding of what direction this new BioWare title is taking, merely a suggestion that militarized combat will play a part. Since the developer is largely known to focus on RPG and deep story elements, one could assume that to be the case with this secret project, but that’s still hard to glean from the few seconds of footage.

In reality, we might not even know what type of game BioWare is delivering after the full teaser is revealed, but nonetheless we’ll be try our best to figure it out.

A new direction, a new title, and a new BioWare studio are all we know about this project aside from the footage and screenshot that have been released. Could this be BioWare’s first foray into first person shooters or could this be a top down strategy game? We don’t know yet.

But on December 10th, BioWare fans the world over should receive clues as to what type of game this new BioWare studio is delivering, as well as a whole slew of other game-related announcements.

Based on the brief footage, what do you think this next game from BioWare will be? What are your hopes and fears about a military-based title from a previously RPG-focused developer?

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