2K Games Hints At New ‘Bioshock’ With Eve’s Garden Teaser Image

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There are few reveals in gaming that manage to rival the player’s first descent into the underwater city of Rapture that plays host to iconic first-person shooter Bioshock. Despite bearing some similarities to the world above the waves, there’s something pleasantly – and hauntingly – alien about the underwater city. While gamers have been given ample opportunities to make their return to its windowed corridors, it looks as though a new title in the series could have players returning to Andrew Ryan’s paradise.

Of the colorful locations that make up the city of Rapture in the original Bioshock, one of the most memorable is Fort Frolic. Not only does one of the most enigmatic characters in the series’ history call it his home, but it also holds the catalyst for one of the game’s biggest talking points. This occurs in Eve’s Garden – a gentleman’s club – which also happens to be the subject of the latest Bioshock-related speculation.

Posted to Twitter by 2K International, an image bearing the logo of the aforementioned gentleman’s club has gamers wondering if the announcement of the next Bioshock game is imminent. With Irrational Games having announced that they are “winding down” and leaving the series to 2K, this would represent their first crack at the series following the passing of the torch.

Bioshock 2K Games Teaser Eves Garden

The question on gamers’ minds following this teaser image though, is whether a return to Rapture is necessary. Avoiding potential spoilers for those who have yet to finish Bioshock Infinite, the series has the potential to go in any number of different directions. While Rapture still remains an intriguing locale, for many it has begun to reach its saturation point, having played a large part in the recent Burial At Sea DLC (check out our reviews of episode one and two).

This doesn’t particularly have to represent a brand new title in the series though. With all the recent video game movie announcements for Warcraft and Uncharted, it’s possible that this could be tied to Sony’s Bioshock movie. Some are even positing that this could culminate in the announcement of a Vita title or a remastered version of the original titles for next-gen consoles.

Regardless of what this teaser is meant to convey, it has got players talking about the series again. While Ken Levine has his mind set on other things, it will be interesting to see the direction that 2K Games decides to take the iconic series in. Whether this is by building upon the past or forging a new way forward, the Bioshock franchise seems capable of surviving any climate.

What do you think this image is hinting at the announcement of? Would you like to make a return trip to Rapture or experience a new locale altogether?


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Source: 2K International