Analyst: New BioShock Game Coming in 2020

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It's been nearly six years since the launch of BioShock Infinite, and fans are understandably anxious for a new entry in the beloved franchise. Considering the sales and critical success of past BioShock games, a fourth entry seems like a matter of when, and if video game industry analyst Michael Pachter is right, that "when" will be 2020.

Pachter didn't elaborate much on his prediction for a new BioShock game, except that he believes it will be announced later this year. While fans should definitely keep their expectations in check, this particular prediction from Pachter actually makes some sense, especially since there's already evidence that a new BioShock game is already in the midst of development.

Last year, it was reported that 2K Games had a secret studio working on a new BioShock game. Currently known by some as "Parkside," there has been no official announcement or details on this supposed BioShock game released to date. However, it's generated enough buzz that many assumed it would be revealed at last year's E3.

There's even more evidence that a new BioShock game is in development. For example, last year, BioShock Infinite level designer Shawn Elliott returned to 2K Games to work on an unannounced project, which some believe is a new BioShock game thanks to Elliott's history with the franchise.

Beyond this, 2K Games has outright stated that it would be making a new BioShock game, it just hasn't elaborated on when it would release or who would be working on it. As previously stated, the commercial and critical success of previous BioShock games practically guarantee a sequel, so it seems well within the possibility that an announcement could come later this year as Pachter has predicted.

If a new BioShock game is in fact in the works at 2K Games for a release in 2020, it seems like a distinct possibility that it could be announced at E3 2019. Alternatively, if the game is aiming for next-gen consoles, maybe the next BioShock will be revealed at a special console showcase event instead. Whatever the case may be, it's been a long time since the last BioShock, and fans are due for a new game in the series.

A new BioShock game is rumored to be in development for unspecified platforms.

Source: GamesIndustry

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