The entire video game industry has been incredibly busy as of late, and that doesn’t come as much of a surprise with E3 just over a month away and the next-generation of consoles on the verge of emerging. One these developers, Bethesda, seems to have a solid string of titles currently under development — the latest of which was confirmed to be a horror game from Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami called The Evil Within — and now the company has already begun teasing another new title.

Bethesda took to Twitter today to kick off its new viral marketing campaign for a currently unnamed project; releasing three new screenshots that allude to the identity of the title in the process.

Bethesda’s official Twitter post (as can be seen above) simply provides a single image that meshes three screenshots together, but the mention of GameSpot alerted individuals who wanted to get a better look at each image in their entirety to check out the site. After poking around, the trifecta of game pics can be discovered, but there’s still not enough evidence in any of them to definitively tell gamers just what Bethesda may be hinting at.

A good bet would be a new Wolfenstein title from the developers at ZeniMax Sweden (formerly MachineGames), as that project was accidentally confirmed by composer Julian Beeston. That said, this title could end up being anything, but a new iteration of the Wolfenstein property, which was originally created by the ZeniMax-owned iD Software, is the most likely candidate at this point in time.

Apparently there’s also something special about the number 1960, as it can be found at the bottom of each of the three images. Given that each of the images have been labelled Z1960, Y1960, and X1960 by GameSpot, the next logical step would be W1960 — or Wolfenstein 1960. This is of course just speculation, but it’s definitely not far fetched given the names of each image.

With E3 2013 on the horizon, not to mention Microsoft’s May 21st Xbox 720 event, an official reveal can’t be that far off. In the meantime, stay tuned to Game Rant for more details regarding Bethesda’s new project.

What do you think the new Bethesda title is? Would you be excited for a new Wolfenstein?

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Source: GameSpot (via @Bethblog)