Rumor: New Battletoads Game in Development

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Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has teased that a new Battletoads game is in development ever since he appeared on stage wearing a shirt with the franchise's logo. No announcements have been made in the years since, but now new evidence seems to suggest that a new Battletoads game is in fact in development.

This is thanks to the web page for David Wise, a video game composer who has worked on games like Donkey Kong CountryYooka-Laylee, and the original Battletoads. Wise's web page had something called Battletoads 20/20 listed, though the page has since been edited to remove the Battletoads reference. It now says David Wise: 20/20, which is labeled as a "new music project," though details on what that project could be are unavailable at this time.

It's certainly possible that Wise prematurely updated his web page to include a Battletoads game that is set to be announced soon (perhaps as early as E3 2018 in June), but a more likely scenario is that this was just an error. After all, Wise's blurb that contained the Battletoads 20/20 listing names other projects he's worked on for different companies, and so it could just be a nod to his work on the original Battletoads.

While this evidence isn't very convincing, that doesn't mean all hope is lost for a new Battletoads game. After all, Microsoft seems keen to keep the franchise fresh in the minds of gamers, with the Rare Replay collection allowing fans to revisit the original games and the titular toads making cameo appearances in other titles.

Over the past few years, the toads have appeared in a couple of other games, with Rash becoming a playable character in Killer Instinct, and all three toads a part of a special boss fight in Shovel Knight. Microsoft clearly has interest in the Battletoads IP, and while it's possible the toads will be regulated to only cameo appearances in other games, it's also quite possible that this is Microsoft's way of building to a brand new game in the series.

With E3 right around the corner, it will be interesting to see if there is any truth to this rumor, or if composer David Wise simply made the reference on accident.

A new Battletoads game is rumored to be in development for PC and Xbox One.

Source: Comicbook, David Wise

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