Battlefield 1 players have discovered several Easter eggs in its multiplayer maps since the game was released in 2016. For example, players of the popular first-person shooter discovered a way to summon a giant shark. Generally, players just hunt for these secrets for their own amusement but the latest Battlefield 1 Easter egg discovery ties into the announcement of the next Battlefield game.

Over the past year, Battlefield 1 players have tried to get into a specific door labeled “Isolement” that is found on the Fort de Vaux map. While their previous efforts had been fruitless, a recent patch for the game added a button system and when these buttons are pressed in the correct order to spell out Isolement, the door will open. Behind the door is a cell that contains an unfinished painting of a white horse and ceiling pipes that drip water. As it turns out, the water drips in Morse code that spells out

Battlefield 5 announcement date website teaser

That page on the EA website just states “May 23, 2018” in bold lettering, along with the hashtag #battlefield and links to the official Twitter and Facebook pages for the shooter franchise. Employees at Battlefield developer DICE have also shared links to the website on social media, teasing that the Battlefield franchise will “never be the same” come May 23. The Twitter card preview (what shows up when someone shares a link on Twitter) for the site also includes the unfinished painting of the white horse, though the significance is unclear.

[BF5] Battlefield 5 is the confirmed title name for the next Battlefield game! from Battlefield

One fan has also dug into the source code for the page and has found text referring to Battlefield 5; this is in line with other rumors that this year’s Battlefield game will be called Battlefield 5. The elaborate Easter egg teaser all points to a major reveal of the new Battlefield game later this month.

Battlefield 1 Easter Egg white horse painting

It’s unclear how in-depth this May 23 reveal will be. EA recently confirmed that the next Battlefield game will feature a single-player campaign and rumors also indicate that the game will have a battle royale mode, following the trend set by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite Battle Royale.

However, EA may not reveal the full details of its plans for Battlefield 5 at this event, instead keeping some details to itself until its EA Play event at E3 2018. EA has already confirmed that the new Battlefield will be at E3 2018 as a major part of its plans so it may hold some surprises back until then.

A new Battlefield game is in development for unspecified platforms.