'Batman' Domain Names Registered For New 'Batman' Game?

Batman New Domain Names Registered

It should come as no surprise that Batman is quickly becoming a go-to name for quality games. Arkham Asylum blew everyone's minds back in 2009, and Batman: Arkham City is one of the most anticipated games of 2011 because of it. With Batman-mania not dying down anytime soon, it's no shock that more games featuring the Dark Knight would start popping up. One of those said games may become a reality sometime very soon.

Back in February, a rumor started going around that Warner Bros. Interactive was developing a new Batman game exclusively for Xbox Live Arcade. Very little information was given beyond that, and it was mainly dismissed as just a rumor. After all, with the title being such a hot-seller right now, it would seem somewhat foolish to release a game solely for one system's online market. However, new domain names were released today that may indicate that that title is on the way.

The four different domain names, which also hint at the game's subject matter, are:


Each of those names point towards a significant event that takes place in the illustrious Batman history. RedHoods could point towards the villain The Red Hood. The Red Hood had a number of different people with the title, but two of the most significant were Jason Todd, former Robin who was believed to be dead, and the man who would eventually become the Joker. While focusing on what Batman considers to be his greatest failure, that being a former sidekick of his dying and then returning as his enemy, looking back at the origins of the Joker and Batman's first encounter with him would certainly be game-worthy as well.

Hush obviously points towards another Batman villain of the same name. Hush's real identity is that of Thomas Elliot, an old childhood friend of Bruce Wayne's who is, like many Batman villains, is an evil version of Wayne himself. Like Wayne, Tommy was the heir to a family fortune, but unlike Wayne, he hated his parents and wanted to kill them to inherit the money. He succeeded in killing his father, but when he tried to do the same to his mother, Bruce Wayne's dad, Thomas Wayne, was able to save her, though it left her bed-ridden for years. This caused Elliot to develop a deep hatred for the Wayne family, and he eventually resurfaced as Hush to take his revenge. This scenario could definitely be a game-worthy story to explore.

Finally, both KnightFell and Impostors could point towards the infamous Knightfall storyline. It introduced Bane, who was anything but dumb muscle, and he was able to cripple Bruce Wayne, putting him out of action for quite some time (Tom Hardy is playing Bane in The Dark Knight Rises). The mysterious vigilante known as Azrael would then have to take Bruce's place as Batman while he recovered. Considered to be one of the most controversial stories in Batman history, for its unique villain, its critical injury of Batman, and the portrayal of the new Batman, it would easily make a hot-selling game.

What are your thoughts? Which of the proposed storylines do you think would be a good Batman game? Could any of these point towards a new game? Or is it something else entirely?

Source: VG247

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