New Batman Game Teased by WB Games

new batman game teased by wb games

WB Games Montreal recently shared a video celebrating Batman Day, but fans noticed that it featured some strange symbols. Then DC Comics writer Scott Snyder tweeted a tease for a Batman Court of Owls video game, fueling the rumors that a new Batman game announcement is imminent. Well, now both WB Games and WB Games Montreal have tweeted a video showing the same strange symbols from before, along with the tagline "Capture the Knight."

The symbols in the tease are difficult to place, as they don't seem to be obviously-connected to any existing Batman villain group or organization. However, there is one symbol that resembles a demon, so some have suggested that the League of Assassins could be involved. A different symbol could represent the Court of Owls, which is all but guaranteed to be featured in the new Batman game, if the teases and rumors so far are any indication.

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The tagline "Capture the Knight" is also interesting, and it may offer insight into what the story will be in the new Batman game. Perhaps the game will be about various organizations coming together to take down Batman. And if the Court of Owls comic book storyline is any indication as to what expect from the new game, they may even be successful in their attempts to capture Batman.

Luckily for fans who can't wait to see the new Batman game from WB Games Montreal, it seems likely that an official reveal will come sooner rather than later. In fact, one prevailing theory has suggested that the new Batman game will be announced tomorrow, September 24, as part of the PlayStation State of Play presentation. If State of Play comes and goes with no announcement, though, then fans still shouldn't have to wait much longer for an official reveal, considering how the new Batman game teasers have been ramping up these past few days.

While it will be exciting to see WB Games Montreal's new Batman game, others are no doubt curious as to what Rocksteady's next game will be. Rocksteady has indicated that it's done with Batman since 2015's Arkham Knight, but rumors say that Rocksteady's new game is still based on DC comics. Fans will just have to play the new Batman from WB Games Montreal to tide them over while they wait for news on Rocksteady's project.

The new Batman game is rumored to be in development for unspecified platforms.

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