Batman Voice Actor Wants A New Batman: Arkham Night Game


The voice of Batman in the Batman: Arkham series, Kevin Conroy, has tweeted out his support for a new Batman game - and the message has gotten fans buzzing. The Arkham series released its last game four years ago, and it's clear that many fans are hopeful that a new entrant to the series is in the cards for the future. While there has been no official indications for such, the fact that the main character's voice actor keeps chiming in on the matter is certainly food for thought.

Last week, Rocksteady Studios made a tweet to celebrate the four-year anniversary of Batman: Arkham Knight's release, and the message got Conroy's attention. He retweeted the celebratory message and added "But why stop there?!!" to it, suggesting that the voice actor is still keen to don the role of Batman once again. Fans quickly reacted in a positive manner to his message, indicating that many gamers would love to see a continuation of the Arkham series.

For its part, Rocksteady has done a great job keeping quiet on whatever game the studio is currently developing. There have been persistent rumors that the studio is behind a Justice League or Suicide Squad title, with both ideas generating so much speculation that Rocksteady co-founder Sefton Hill needed to step in and explicitly tell fans that the studio's upcoming game wouldn't be at E3 2019.

Conroy has been vocal about his support for a new Batman game before, having previously tweeted that he could "think of ways to have Bats still evolve in the Arkham world." He didn't elaborate on the now-deleted tweet, but it certainly got fans speculating that something may be in the works.

While it seems like Rocksteady has likely moved on to other superhero-based titles for now, there's no telling what the future holds for Kevin Conroy and his Batman role. At the very least, Rocksteady hasn't ruled anything out for the future. While the veteran voice actor may return to the cowl at some point, it's looking like Rocksteady's next game release won't take place in the Arkham universe, though the upcoming game seems likely to stay within the superhero genre.

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