Save $25 On New Nintendo 3DS XL Hardware at Gamestop

new nintendo 3ds xl gamestop 25 off sale

Gamestop offers a $25 discount off the normal price of New Nintendo 3DS XL handhelds, including the Gamestop-exclusive Zelda Hyrule Triforce New 3DS.

The holiday season often brings gifts of new games and consoles, but some gamers are undoubtedly still on the prowl for systems they weren't gifted. Gamers who have been hoping to get their hands on a New Nintendo 3DS XL may want to visit their nearest Gamestop, as the device is $25 off the normal price for a limited time.

Down from the normal list price of 199.99, New Nintendo 3DS XLs are selling at Gamestop for 174.99 from now until January 9th. The sale includes the New Red, New Black, and the limited edition Zelda Hyrule New Nintendo 3DS XL, which is emblazoned with the triforce crest. However, the $25 discount doesn't apply towards pre-owned devices, or other versions of the 3DS. Considering that Gamestop is also offering a Buy One, Get One 50% Off offer on select Nintendo 3DS games, it's a good time to pick up a New Nintendo 3DS.

The New Nintendo 3DS XL is the latest version of the 3DS, boasting higher processing power, improved 3D functionality, and swappable faceplates to customize the appearance of one's 3DS. While few games have been released exclusively for the New 3DS just yet, the handheld is backward-compatible with all other 3DS games. The addition of the C-Stick on the New 3DS also makes playing some older games a bit more manageable.


To date, Nintendo has released five versions of its 3DS handheld, not including the limited editions of each release, like the special Pokemon 2DS. While some gamers were initially worried that the release of a New 3DS with would mean that Nintendo would no longer create games for the older versions, the vast majority of 3DS titles released since have been playable on both units. In fact, while many games that have come out recently have been playable on any of the 3DS handhelds, like Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, Nintendo has added perks for the New Nintendo 3DS by including limited face plates in combo packs of the game.

The New Nintendo 3DS brings a lot of new features and functionality to the handheld market, though many gamers may not feel the need to upgrade at this time. However, if you're one of the gamers that hasn't yet had the opportunity to pick up a 3DS at all, this sale is a great opportunity to pick up the latest and greatest iteration of the handheld at a much lower price than usual.

Gamestop's New Nintendo 3DS XL sale ends on January 9th, and the 3DS game sale ends on January 1st.

Source: Twitter, Gamestop

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