Neversoft Sends Off Closed Studio With Knives And A Burning Eyeball

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For gamers who grew up in the ’90s and early 2000’s, one of the most recognizable names in the industry was Neversoft. Giving birth to the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series and the PlayStation classic Spider-Man, they held a formidable track record. All great things must eventually come to an end, though, as those illustrious doors have officially closed.

Lauded for their punk-rock attitude towards game development, the news that Neversoft would be combining with Infinity Ward to become a sort of “super studio” came as a blow to many gamers’ sense of nostalgia. Having officially closed their doors – while the news is sad – the team at Neversoft has managed to send the studio off in the most apt way possible.

According to an image posted to Twitter by Matt Canale, the team commemorated their brand by setting fire to their iconic impaled eyeball logo with a volley of flaming arrows. Not content to simply go out in a blaze of glory, studio co-founder Joel Jewett also presented everyone at the studio with their very own Neversoft-emblazoned knife. If that isn’t the appropriate way to go out for the company that got “Superman” by Goldfinger stuck in gamers’ heads everywhere, I don’t know what is.

With their new Infinity Ward comrades, it’s expected that the former Neversoft team will be joining in the coming onslaught of Call of Duty titles. While this year’s Advanced Warfare is being handled by Sledgehammer Games, Neversoft is no stranger to the series and with its new “super studio” status could add to the already-imposing development cycle of Call of Duty games.

While some might be quick to denounce the series further, bringing Neversoft on-board could actually prove to be of benefit. By adding a fresh set of eyes, Infinity Ward may be able to approach the franchise in a completely new light. At this early junction though, it’s hard to discern how this union will affect the popular FPS series, if at all.

Whether they go on to contribute to the Call of Duty franchise or move onto something new entirely, it is no doubt an interesting period for the folks from Neversoft. Having brought gamers more than a handful of classic and memorable titles, one can only hope that the studio’s closure does not have an adverse effect on its former team and that the coming months prove fruitful.

What do you think will be the first title from the Infinity Ward and Neversoft “super studio?” Which Neversoft title do you find most steeped in nostalgia?


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Source: Matt Canale, Stephanie Bayer