When it was revealed that long time Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero developer Neversoft would be working on a first person shooter with some form of multiplayer mode, the first assumption was that game would be direct competition for Activision’s Call of Duty franchise. As it turns out, though, that first person shooter might not be direct competition for Call of Duty; it may actually be another entry in the Call of Duty franchise.

Over on Neversoft‘s official page the company has posted some career information that suggests they are hiring for a new Call of Duty related project. The page itself doesn’t outright say that Neversoft is working on some form of Call of Duty project, but the series’ logo at the bottom of the page suggests they are.

And now the front page of Neversoft’s home page, the one that leads to the aforementioned career page, says outright that the developers they are looking for will be working on pushing “the First Person Action genre in support of Activision’s Call of Duty franchise.” That’s about as close to a smoking gun as we’re going to get on a rumor like this.

While Neversoft might be working on a Call of Duty title, or at least staffing up for work on one, there’s no way of knowing the nature of this project at this point. Perhaps like Sledgehammer and Raven Software before them, Neversoft has been tasked with assisting one of the major Call of Duty developers, either Infinity Ward or Treyarch, with getting their next project rolling.

Neversoft Call of Duty Career Page

As we enter the next console generation the expectation is that Call of Duty will take a similarly big leap. Whether that means completely redesigning their engine or delivering a whole new perspective on the first person shooter genre is unclear, all we know is something needs to improve for fans to stay interested. Unfortunately the unstable nature of Infinity Ward’s staffing leaves a lot of questions, ones that hopefully can be answered with the addition of Neversoft.

Do you think that Neversoft is working on their own brand of Call of Duty game, or helping out one of the major developers? Should Activision hand the reins of the franchise over to a new developer to inject a new perspective?

Source: Neversoft (via MP1st)