Latest 'NeverDead' Trailer Is Worth A Watch

Never Dead Nada Bryce

The Tokyo Game Show was filled with plenty of high profile titles and hardware news (specifically, the PlayStation Vita), but one game that may have slipped under the radar is Konami and Rebellion's upcoming title NeverDead, a quirky shooter with a ton of promise.

NeverDead follows the tale of Bryce Boltzman, a middle earth demon hunter who loses his love to the Demon King, and is forever cursed with immortality. Bryce spends 500 years trying to kill the Demon King, which places the title in modern times.

Bryce's immortality looks like it could make for some interesting gameplay mechanics, as it seems he can never die in the game. Bryce can loose his limbs but will still continue to fight on without them until they regenerate. Bryce can even remove limbs himself and use them to complete puzzles or fight, such as throwing an arm at the "Puppy" enemies to distract them.

The below trailer introduces the main cast of NeverDead, and also shows off some of the intriguing gameplay.


Bryce teams up with Nada, an experienced demon hunter as the two try to, well, hunt demons. The whole experience may sound cheesy and cliche on paper, but from the looks of the trailer it seems that NeverDead may be something worth keeping an eye on.

Shooter titles often get a bad rap of being "more of the same" and while the gameplay in NeverDead looks very rough around the edges, it is the overall quirkiness of the game that makes it so intriguing. Being able to dismember yourself at will, as well as the over the top dialogue make NeverDead seem like a title to keep an eye on, even though it may not be one of the high profile titles to release this holiday.

Oh, and the whole soundtrack is comprised of Megadeth songs.

NeverDead currently does not have a release date though it will hit both the Xbox 360 and PS3.


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