Konami Releases New 'NeverDead' Screenshots

NeverDead, the latest game by Konami's Shinta Nojiri - or as you may know him one of the integral people behind Metal Gear Solid - has finally received its release date, and to celebrate Konami has released a bunch of new screenshots from the game, showing off NeverDead's combat and enemies.

Recalling September's trailer, NeverDead looks like it could be a fun game, even if it is very rough around the edges. That should come as no surprise - seeing as the title is being co-developed by Rebellion, the team behind Rogue Warrior and Aliens Vs. Predator.

Despite the much needed polish for the game, NeverDead still has a very quirky but fun looking premise. So, for those who are still intrigued by the title, check out the images below:

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If you're wondering why one of those images has main character Bryce Boltzmann's head rolling around, it's because of the game's dismemberment mechanic. As players take damage Bryce will begin to loose his limbs until he is just a head rolling around during fire fights or melee encounters. Since Bryce is immortal he can never die, so all players will need to do is roll over to the closest limb and reattach it.

Bryce can also dismember himself on purpose and can use his limbs as weapons - think back to the days of Medievil, when the game's main character Sir Daniel Fortesque would detach his arm and use it as a club. The dismemberment mechanic also has a tactical purpose as it can be used to lure enemies by laying traps. Some of the demons in the above images are Pup Demons, and behave like dogs, meaning if one throws their arm near a group of them, they'll all go running over and make it their chew toy - in which case players can open fire on the distracted enemies.

NeverDead is a game with a lot of promise, but there is word floating around that the gameplay isn't as strong as the premise and features some questionable design choices - such as how melee attacks are initiated by the analog sticks instead of the face buttons. However, the title still remains worth keeping an eye on even if it's only for NeverDead's undeniable charm.

NeverDead releases January 31st, 2012 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.


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Source: Game Informer

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