Get A Look At The Characters Of 'NeverDead' In These New Screenshots

NeverDead Bryce And Wife Prologue Art

Ever find yourself fighting hordes of demons and saying, "I wish I could dismember my arm right now"? No? Well, with these new NeverDead screenshots, you can see more of the game's dismemberment mechanic and the characters found in the game.

Players can see NeverDead's main characters, Bryce Boltzman and Arcadia, throughout the screenshots, along with some other minor characters whose names have yet to be revealed.  Also among the screenshots is some artwork from the game, showing many of the villain characters, as well as Bryce and his deceased wife from many centuries earlier.

These screenshots also emphasize the comical nature of NeverDead. The game is one that should not be taken too seriously, as evidenced by the last trailer. It's clear that the plot is going to be one that focuses on laughs, especially considering two of the screenshots show Bryce playing basketball with his head. I bet there's going to be a trophy/achievement for that.

Check out the latest NeverDead screenshots below.

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As has been said in the past, NeverDead looks like it could be really fun -- the only problem is that the game seems to lack polish. One of the above screenshots has fantastic lighting, but in the rest of the images the colors don't seem as vibrant. Of course, if the actual gameplay is any good then the sub-par graphics could be forgiven. However, something tells me that not everyone will enjoy the gameplay, especially considering Rebellion's take on the control scheme. Melee weapons in NeverDead are controlled by wiggling one of the analog sticks as opposed to pressing a face button, and such an unorthodox approach to controls may turn a few gamers off.

At this point NeverDead looks like it's going to end up being one of those really fun games that gets overlooked due to its lack of polish and eccentric nature. It could also go the other way and be not only graphically mediocre, but have terrible gameplay as well. In any case, we won't know until the game launches next week.

NeverDead releases January 31, 2012, for the PS3 and Xbox 360.


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