Netflix’s Castlevania: Where The Show Could Go Next

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The Netflix Castlevania show is much better than it has any right to be. The first season took the characters and events of Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse as a loose base and created compelling characters out of sprites. The second season balanced gruesome gory action with the politics of Dracula's court. It started to feel more like something comparable to a Game of Thrones.

So far, the Castlevania show is based on specific source material in the games. The first season follows Trevor Belmont as he meets a new hero each chapter. Protagonists Sypha and Alucard are added one by one following the structure of Castlevania 3. The second season introduced Hector and Isaacoriginally from Castlevania: Curse of Darkness as well as Carmilla, who appears in many Castlevania titles.

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The show is going to continue for at least another season, as it was immediately renewed after the debut of the second season. So where does it go from here? Spoilers for the first two seasons of Netflix's Castlevania follows.

5 Bringing Dracula Back from the Dead

At the end of season 2, Count Dracula was defeated. But any Castlevania fan who has played a couple of the games will tell you he doesn't stay dead long. The series has created a couple possible openings to logically bring Vlad back to life.

Isaac, the necromancer, is a prominent character introduced in season 2. His powers to revive the dead will likely play a pivotal role in bringing Dracula back from the dead. Could he do this of his own volition, to try and gain more power than Carmilla? Sure, but there's another reason Drac could be brought back.

At the end of the season, we are left with a sad, pensive Alucard, mourning the death of his father who he hated. That conflicting emotion is a great indicator at the surprising depth of the character work, but it also leaves room for Alucard to be the one to bring his father back.

4 Finishing Up the Curse of Darkness Storyline

The second season of the show wrapped up the Castlevania 3 storyline, but set the stage for Hector to be the hero in what would be the Curse of Darkness narrative. In the plot of the forgotten PS2 game, Hector is a former devil forgemaster who has turned to the side of good to fight Dracula. That could map very easily as an overarching plot of the third season.

It would have to deviate even more from the source material in order to include the show's already established characters. But it also makes the show more exciting. Trevor and Sypha become less safe as heroes, becoming vulnerable characters who could die at any second.

3 The Richter Belmont Era and Symphony of the Night

An alternate route the show could take after is following the story of Richter Belmont, featured in Super Smash BrosSeriously, the show put Alucard in the show for a reason and giving him a season to shine as the sole hero would be amazing. However, this would require telling the story of Rondo of Blood first.

Rondo stars Richter who defeats Dracula in the battle that acts as the tutorial of Symphony. The events of the first game set off the ones in Symphony, so it only makes sense to tell both of these narratives as one, perhaps combining them both into one season further down the line. These are considered two of the best Castlevania games in the series, so it only makes sense to dive into this material.

2 The Simon Belmont Era and the original Castlevania 

Likely, the third season will feature Dracula's rebirth and Hector's redemption arc. What comes after that, in future, seasons is a bit of a mystery. But you would have to assume as the show gains an audience through the hype thats been created so far that they would eventually touch on Simon Belmont, iconic hero of the first two Castlevania games.

This would have to be more than just a straight adaptation and perhaps would be a place to reboot the series following a time jump or major cataclysmic event resulting in the death of many important characters.

1 Something Even More Ambitious

This doesn't mean its in this shows best to just follow the fan favorite storyline from the games. The show has already avoided retelling the stories of the most popular entries. In all honesty, only the most devout Castlevania fans are catching most of the familiarities to the games without reading a wiki. The showrunners have already started to create their own timeline by introducing Carmilla into the mix. Continuing to branch out from the Castlevania lore, which doesn't have that much to go on in the first place, is what keeps this show alive.

The third season of Castlevania doesn't have a release date yet. The eight episode second season took a little over a year to follow the first season, so we probably shouldn't expect it until Spring or maybe even Summer 2020.

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