Netflix's Castlevania Producer Wants to Tackle a Metroid Adaptation Next

Fans of Castlevania are likely to have checked out the recently released, Netflix-exclusive television series based on the existing line of games. Many gamers have applauded the efforts of Frederator Studios, and as a result of the show's apparent popularity, Netflix quickly renewed Castlevania for a second season. As consumers await new episodes of Konami's gaming-franchise-turned-anime, however, the producer of the animated series, Adi Shankar, has admitted that he'd like to take a crack at doing something similar with Metroid at some point in the future.

During a recent interview between Nintendo Life and Shankar, the Castlevania producer confirmed that the scripts for the next season were already complete and presumably ready to move into the next phase of production. He was then hit with an inquiry pertaining to which video game series he'd like to take on next, admitting to wanting the option of making a "dark Metroid" in the same style as Netflix's Castlevania.

"Yeah the scripts are done and they blow Season 1 out of the water," said Shankar about the second season of Castlevania. He then spoke about wanting to take on a "dark Metroid in the same anime style."

While the rationale behind Ankar wanting to take on an animated rendition of Nintendo's popular sci-fi franchise wasn't specified, it seems a fitting jump given that Castlevania and Metroid are often compared to one another as a result of their similar gameplay styles – at least in their initial installments. With that said, Nintendo is notoriously protective with its intellectual properties, and since Metroid games often stick within a "T for Teen" ESRB rating, it doesn't appear likely that a "dark Metroid" will ever be in the cards.

That's not to say that gaming fans will be going without though, as there are plans in place for Adi Shankar to helm an animated Assassin's Creed project. Although that won't star the titular Samus Aran, it's likely another major (and promising) step towards video game aficionados receiving quality content from some of their favorite franchises through another medium.

Metroid followers, on the other hand, can anticipate the arrival of Metroid Prime 4 on Nintendo Switch – albeit it currently sans release window.

Source: Nintendo Life