As gamers rub their hands in anticipation for the upcoming SNES Classic Edition, which is scheduled to drop on September 29, one Nintendo fan decided to pass the time by flexing their artistic muscles and creating some awesome artwork by painting over screenshots of some classic NES games.

Taking a few screenshots from two all-time Nintendo classics, Double Dragon 2: The Revenge and Ninja Gaiden, a creative Redditor by the name of andres1984 then painted over the screenshots using Photoshop. From adding in an expanded color palette to a re-imagined user interface, the awesome final result is something akin to what Double Dragon 2: The Revenge and Ninja Gaiden would hypothetically look like if both titles were remastered (i.e updated but keeping the spirit of the originals).


This was only the start as andres1984 then shared some equally-impressive follow-up paintings based off screenshots from Duck HuntContra 2, and Punch Out!!, all of which garnered even more positive comments from fellow gamers on Reddit and shooting to the top of the gaming sub-reddit with a whopping 69.6K upvotes.


Under the assumption that the screenshots were taken from games available on the NES Classic Edition and that andres1984 will continue making more paintings, the talented artist will have a further 25 games to choose from, including some classics like Metroid and Castlevania. Based off the reception from their previous artwork, there’s no doubt that gamers are interested in seeing some more re-imaginings of classic NES games.

The quality of andres1984’s artwork prompted some redditors to ponder whether Nintendo may consider remastering or remaking some old NES Classics, though the chances of this happening will be quite slim. Despite the mouthwatering prospect of playing a remastered NES version of Final Fantasy and The Legend of Zelda, Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto recently said that he isn’t interested in revisiting any older games and the few remakes that have come out were mere exceptions.

While official remastered versions of NES games will remain nothing more as fantasy, it will certainly be interesting to see what classic NES game screenshots andres1984 will paint over for their next batch of awesome artwork should they continue with the project. With the SNES Classic Edition coming in a few months time, perhaps the talented artist will look into creating more paintings from some SNES games.

Source: Reddit