NES Classic Games will feature Multiplayer on the 3DS

Today has certainly been a big day for the Nintendo 3DS. First Nintendo announced that they plan on dropping the price of the 3DS by a whopping $80, and then they announce plans to implement a ‘Nintendo 3DS Ambassador’ program which will reward early adopters with 20 downloadable games for free.

All of the news has created a stir amongst the hordes of gamers everywhere, and while the announcements are certainly exciting from a consumer stand point, there are a lot of questions that the ‘Ambassador’ program raised that Nintendo didn’t answer. One of the big questions was whether or not the 10 free NES games would fall in line with the current line of ‘3D Classics’ on the Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo answered the question, stating that the downloadable NES titles will NOT be ‘3D Classics’, but that they will feature a few upgrades such as multiplayer.

“These will be 2D games. They are not 3D Classics. When the NES games become available to the general public later this year, they will include additional features such as multiplayer simultaneous play. Ambassadors will then be able to download those updated version at no cost.”

So it seems that Ambassadors will receive the original NES title in all of its heavenly glory, and will then be able to access the additional features when the game actually launches on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. The fact that early adopters of the handheld will have to wait longer to utilize all of an NES game’s new features is a bit of a pain, but the fact that they get all of the new content as soon as its available, and for free, more than makes up for it.

The Big N wouldn’t go into detail about which games would feature multiplayer (or even touch on some of the other games that will be part of the offer), but Nintendo will likely get into specifics for the service shortly.

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Source: IGN