Best Buy Will Have More NES Classic Consoles Today

NES Classic Edition Discontinued

Best Buy will have stock of the NES Classic Edition on sale today. While the retailer chose not to reveal exactly how many systems will be available, "limited" quantities can be had from locations around the country, while stocks last.

This shipment of NES Classic Edition consoles will be exclusive to brick-and-mortar locations, and will not be offered online. Some stores will be utilizing a ticketing system to ensure that first-come is first-served, in anticipated of major demand akin the the Christmas-induced retail hysteria following the device's launch last year.


This may be among the last opportunities for Nintendo fans to get their hands on the system, as the company has now confirmed plans to discontinue the device, after months of speculation that it was on its way out. Its Japanese variant, the Famicom Mini, is also being given the chop, despite its enormous popularity.

It's rumored that Nintendo is killing off the NES Classic Edition because there are plans for a follow-up to release later this year. A SNES Classic Edition would definitely be another huge money-maker — but it's almost certain that it would be just as difficult to acquire as the NES Classic Edition has proven to be.

Source: Polygon

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