A new hack is released for Nintendo’s NES Classic, which allows users to quickly return to the home menu without the need to clumsily use the reset button.

To say that the NES Classic Edition console was a much-lauded product is something of an understatement, with the system selling at six times the rate of the Wii U. That said, the console was not without its criticisms at launch, with some speaking up about the lack of an easy way to return to the home menu. Now, a new hack has been released that allows gamers to get to the home menu much more quickly.

Rather than having to manually press the reset button to get back to the NES Classic home menu, which is the standard way to get back to change games or to access NES Classic save points, instead gamers can use an app called Hakchi2. This hack will then allow players use to a customizable gamepad shortcut as a home menu option, with the default set to down and select on the controller.

The Hakchi2 app itself is also a multi-purpose tool, which backs up the NES Classic’s internal storage and replacing it with a modded version. This has plenty of potential for further use from gamers, and no doubt creative system owners and thinking up other ways in which NES Classic can be hacked. Below is a video showcasing the hack in action, found courtesy of Polygon.

This is not the only hack that the NES Classic has received since it launched. Other users have found more complex ways to add a home menu shortcut, for instance, while the most popular topic of modding the console is the addition of extra games. Thankfully for those after increasing the library of the NES Classic, hackers already have that particular request covered.

Alongside the clumsy home menu return method, a lack of games has proved to be a big pet peeve for gamers. Although the NES Classic does have 30 of the best games from the NES library available, there were some major games missing from the lineup. With the system not getting any more games from Nintendo either, it’s perhaps not surprising to see hackers expand the library so quickly.

Unfortunately, system modifications will not be able to see off perhaps the largest complaint about the console, which has little to do with what is otherwise a stellar product. Instead, the age-old problem of a lack of stock was an issue for many, with instantaneous eBay sales being put up at an incredible rate. Thankfully, more stock has been sent, but it’s unlikely to be enough to keep everyone happy.


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