GameStop reveals that it will be receiving new shipments of the much-wanted NES Classic console, but warns that supplies will once again be limited for those wanting to buy.

In spite of its limited capabilities, the NES Classic became one of the most-wanted gaming devices of 2016. Boasting 30 classic games from the NES era, gamers were chomping at the bit to get their hands on the console, resulting in widespread sellouts and even in Amazon crashing. Now, it seems as though a handful of video game fans will have a second chance to pick up the device.

It will likely only be handful at first, though. GameStop has revealed to Gamespot¬†that it will be receiving new stock of the NES Classic this week, with shipments starting as of today. However, this is not going to be bulk loads of the device being on offer, with instead a representative from the retailer advising that there will only be a “limited number of units” available, with shipments usually only running at two units at a time and shoppers only able to purchase one NES Classic each.

That’s hardly the news that those who missed out on the system first time around will want to hear, but at least it suggests that there could be further stock available in future. After all, if GameStop is receiving additional shipments of the NES Classic, there’s also the possibility that other retailers such as Amazon will also eventually get additional stock in place. Therefore, that’s less of a reason to succumb to the lure of those ridiculous eBay price tags.

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Nintendo has come under criticism for the number of NES Classic systems that were initially on sale, with some gamers unhappy that they were unable to purchase a new console. Although the company may not have quite expected the success of the device, with the console selling almost six times as fast as the Wii U, some disgruntled gamers have suggested that demand should have been better forecast in advance.

It’s not the only time that the video game giant has come under fire for a limited stock of a much-desired product. Various amiibo figures have been incredibly hard to find, with some going to extreme lengths and costs to try and find the figurines needed to complete their collection. Although Nintendo acknowledged the problem, availability issues have arisen again with the NES Classic.

For those who are able to pick up a NES Classic at GameStop, a console with 30 of the best games from the NES library is nothing to be sniffed at – although the console is missing some of the classics from this early gaming era. Of course, some gamers have found ways to expand the NES Classic library, albeit in ways that are not Nintendo approved. Either way, it’s unlikely that NES Classics will be gathering dust on store shelves any time soon.

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