A number of new details of Nintendo’s upcoming Mini NES console have been revealed, such as several different display options and permanent save-points.

Following the recent release of Pokemon GO and the subsequent announcement of its classic Mini NES console, it’s hard to deny that Nintendo has dominated the headlines. But while the initial Pokemon GO craze has since transitioned to backlash and tremendous player fallout, interest remains high for the Big N’s upcoming Mini NES console, and gamers have been quite interested in finding out what this retro box will contain. And now, thanks to a new interview, we have new details regarding what this Mini NES will feature, some of which weren’t present in the original NES console.

In a recent interview with La Terrasse ENERGIE, Nintendo of Canada communications manager Julie Gagnon revealed that the Mini NES will feature several different display options. Not only will there be a pixel perfect option, which will display each pixel as a square, there will also be a mode that will simulate that retro CRT television look, as well as an option to display games in a 4:3 ratio.

While having a number of display options is undoubtedly welcome, the more interesting feature the Gagnon revealed was that all 30 of the Mini NES’ games will feature permanent save points and “instant temporary saves,” both of which were not present in the original NES console. Working like the saving feature on emulators, the “instant temporary save” feature allows players to jump right back into their game without the need of a password, or the need to restart from the beginning every time the console is booted up.

nes classic edition console

With 30 games installed, retro display options, save points, and no internet requirement, this Mini NES console is a welcome trip down memory lane for many gamers. Should this console not sway the opinion of some gamers, there are other mini console options available. Just weeks after Nintendo announced the Mini NES, SEGA followed the trend by announcing its own plug-and-play Sega Mega Drive Classic Game Console / Ultimate Portable Game Player, which comes bundled with a massive 80 game library and two wireless controllers.

With the Mini NES being well-received by many gamers, it appears that this upcoming retro console will be a much-needed win for Nintendo, particularly after its poor first quarter financial results. The signs are looking pretty promising so far, and should this classic NES console sell well, perhaps it will inspire Nintendo to release more mini consoles, such as a mini-Nintendo 64.

The Mini NES is set to arrive on November 11, 2016.

Source: La Terrasse ENERGIE (via IGN)

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