With all of the buzz coming out of E3 surrounding the cinematic, QTE-heavy portions of Need For Speed: The Run, it may have been easy for some of us to forget that the game is, first and foremost, a Need For Speed game. The newest trailer for The Run shows off some of the more recognizable, fast-paced racing that the previous titles developed by Black Box have become known for. If we know one thing about the newest ‘Run For The Hills’ trailer, it’s that Jerry Bruckheimer would certainly approve.

It’s hard to blame people for thinking that The Run would be a significant departure from some of the past few games, as the first teaser trailer seemed to be more focused on story than anything to do with racing.

That seemed to be what they were after, as the developers at Black Box made it clear during their E3 presentation that a cinematic story would be brought to fans in a way they’ve never seen before.

That’s all well and good, but with Need For Speed in the title, the game had better deliver a satisfying racing experience. The newest trailer for The Run is showcasing just that, giving a glimpse of one desert stage that players will have to pass through in their race across the United States.

The ‘Run For The Hills’ trailer is sure to get your blood pumping, so take a look at the kind of over-the-top (and at this point, trademark) Need For Speed action coming this November:


Whether it’s the music, the lens flares, or the sensation of speed, the new trailer definitely shows more impressive and intense racing than the previous police chase video. Trying to escape from the police was certainly more interesting than running a series of laps, but nothing gets a racing fan’s desire for competition up like other racers to leave in the dust.

With the sand effects and lighting in the desert stage, it also gives a better look at the improved visuals made possible by the game’s use of the Frostbite 2 engine. Hardcore racing fans may be able to spot some minor areas that could use some improvement, but in all honesty, the level of graphics on display in nearly every modern racing game is staggering.

Combine the style of the Need For Speed series with the new premise for gameplay, and that sweeping camera that never gets old, and The Run really does seem straightforward enough to bring in new fans. To keep the existing fan base happy though, the developers will need to make sure that the mechanics and controls are at least as good as they have been. Not a serious risk, but a real one.

What do you think of The Run so far? Would you rather Black Box show off more of the actual racing instead of the QTE’s and cutscenes? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

Need For Speed: The Run will be coming to the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii and 3DS on November 15, 2011.