'Need for Speed Hot Pursuit' Launch Trailer

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Launch Trailer

Of the many games vying for attention at retail today, only one can claim to have a name inspired by that classic of the Cruise/Kilmer cannon, Top Gun. Of course, the game in question is the latest in the ("I feel the need, the..") Need for Speed series, Hot Pursuit.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit has been the recipient of quite a bit of coverage here at Game Rant. We've hosted many trailers for the game, posted a developer's diary, and given our hands-on impressions of both the demo and the full game.

Just to drive home how good Criterion's first stab at the Need for Speed license turned out, our friends at EA have released one final trailer for the game. Have a look at the Need for Speed Hot Pursuit launch trailer.


No question about it, that is a good looking game. Sharp eyed viewers may have noticed the overwhelmingly positive reviews referenced in the video, but of course the one Need for Speed Hot Pursuit review that matters most is right here on Game Rant.

In many ways, Criterion Games and the Need for Speed series seem made for one another, a near perfect marriage of high quality developer and wildly popular, long running game series.

Way back in 2004 when EA first acquired the developer, then equally renowned for the RenderWare engine (which powered, among many others games, the Grand Theft Auto series) and the Burnout games, many gamers were convinced that Criterion would spend the rest of its career developing nothing but Need for Speed games. Thankfully, that has not proven to be the case. Though the RenderWare didn't make the jump to the current console generation, the Burnout games did, culminating in the glorious Burnout Paradise.

Sadly, as good as the Burnout games have always been, they've never matched the sales of the Need for Speed games. At the same time, the NFS games have floundered a bit the past few years, leading Electronic Arts to split the game into multiple series (the latest of which, Shift 2 Unleashed, was just announced today). Now with Hot Pursuit, the series seems back on track, and Criterion Games just may have delivered the best selling title of its career.

Ranters, many of you must have played Hot Pursuit by now -- what do you think of it? Are you pleased with Criterion's work on the game, or would you rather see them develop a new Burnout title?

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is available now for the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, and PC.

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