In about a month players will be able to pick up Need for Speed: The Run, and join Jack on his quest to race across America, and rid himself from a troubled past. What kind of trouble is he in? Well that probably won’t we revealed until the game launches in November, however we do have a couple of trailers that show what dangers gamers will face during their cross-country race.

One of the aspects that will set NFS: The Run apart from other games in the series is its cinematic storytelling. The game’s on-foot sequences combined with racing and the Frostbite 2 engine will give fans of the franchise a brand new experience. Many frowned on the idea of having the protagonist get out of his vehicle, but those nay-sayers really should try it before passing judgment. We had our hands-on with the title during E3 and enjoyed it.

As stated before, this game is about giving the player a unique story-driven experience and this first trailer sums up the story nicely. In the ‘Jack is a Marked Man’ trailer you’ll get a brief summary of the impending journey to freedom, including who he’s up against and the nice cash prize that’s waiting for him at the end. Check the video below:


Players will not only be going up against 200 other racers but also the environment around them. In the ‘Buried Alive’ trailer we got to see Jack race for his life as he tried to outrun an avalanche. In this next trailer fans will see why it’s not always good to have a need for speed on a mountain road. Check out the ‘On the Edge’ trailer below:


Need for Speed: The Run looks to provide one wild ride, regardless of how crowded this holiday gaming season will be. For those gamers who love to enjoy a good racing game, but aren’t too interested in a completely loyal simulation, this game is one to keep an eye on.

Need for Speed: The Run launches on November 15th on PS3, Xbox 360, PC and 3DS.

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