Over the years, the Need For Speed series has undergone many changes from things as simple as its general aesthetic to the core gameplay. While some may look down on this, it’s still great to see them experimenting and trying their hands at different styles of racing whether it be simulation or purely arcade-style. In the newest iteration of the venerable racing series, Need For Speed: The Run, the focus is firmly set on the arcade racing side of things, while aiming to push the series in a, even more cinematic direction than before.

This is due in part to the fact that Need For Speed: The Run will allow gamers to finally exit their vehicles as they take part in highly cinematic quick-time sequences to further the game’s story. This is not to say that the focus of the game will deviate from the racing though, as the Run For The Hills and Limited Edition trailers promise that racing will still be the star of the show. If that weren’t enough to convince worried gamers, the newest trailer straight out of Gamescom further hammers this fact home.

This time though, gamers are taken to the harsh, snowy landscape of Independence Pass where slight flurries are the least of racers’ worries. Check out the trailer below!


While gamers will probably be disappointed by the fact that, while the footage presented is all in-game, no actual gameplay was shown, there’s no denying that the game has successfully achieved a highly cinematic feel. The idea of trying to outrun an incoming avalanche while dodging debris and keeping track of your opponent will surely make for an intense experience. With Black Box implementing these action movie-esque sequences, it will be interesting to see what else they choose to include.

After getting a hands-on look at the game and having watched the trailers, it’s becoming more and more apparent that Need For Speed: The Run is aimed squarely at those fans who have been itching for an over-the-top racing experience over the more simulation-heavy releases of late. While some gamers may criticize the short amount of time between Need For Speed releases, it’s great to see The Run attempting to push the series in different directions with new features and a new aesthetic.

Only time will tell how this foray into the world of over-the-top racing will turn out. As the game’s release draws closer and anticipation rises, gamers can expect to hear and see much more from this title. Provided Black Box can keep the adrenaline pumping throughout the whole gaming experience, fans should be in for a treat when Need For Speed: The Run launches.

Need For Speed: The Run races onto shelves on November 15, 2011 for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii and 3DS.