Need for Speed The Run E3 Gameplay Footage

Need for Speed: The Run generated a lot of buzz back in April when it was announced that the game will be using the Frostbite 2 engine. The teaser gave us a glimpse into the world of NFS: The Run, and now we have gameplay footage from E3 showing us that players will won’t just have their wheels to rely on when outrunning the opposition.

It seems that NFS: The Run will literally have players getting out of their cars and running from police as well as other adversaries. Little is known about the story other than the fact that the main protagonist is named Jack and he’s racing across the country free himself from a troubled past. At the same time, an organization armed with henchmen and attack choppers are out to make sure Jack doesn’t reach his destination in this illegal race to New York. And you thought your commute was bad.

This title, unlike the past two releases in the franchise, will have a heavier emphasis on story. EA’s past attempts at telling a gripping narrative have been lackluster, however EA Black Box is no stranger to developing story-based NFS games. They’re responsible for one of the best titles in the series, NFS: Most Wanted, and one of the worst with NFS: Undercover. Going from each end of the spectrum, EA Black Box should have the experience needed to create an awesome title.

The on-foot sequences will be a first for the Need for Speed franchise and time – as well as more trailers – will tell how gamers will feel about this new feature. See the trailer below and decided for yourself.


After experiencing this new footage, NFS: The Run almost seems more like an action game than a racer. Jack’s major actions seem to be simple quick-time events, and it’s unknown how much control the player will have over Jack when he’s on foot.

Need for Speed has always been about the cars and it looks like the on foot segments will be one way players will be able to acquire new rides. The Autolog system, made popular by Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, will be returning, allowing gamers to once again post their best times against friends online.

The game shows that Frostbite 2 isn’t just for shooters. The Run looks amazing and we are anxious to see how the game looks in some of it’s other environments. Downtown Chicago is rendered beautifully, and hopefully the game’s more rural locations will look just as good.

A lot of questions still remain. What is Jack running from or running too? And who are those guys chasing after him? Be sure to keep your eyes here for more information on Need for Speed: The Run and other news coming out of E3.

Need for Speed: The Run launches November 15, 2011, for PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii and 3DS.

Source: Need for Speed