Though it’s only been about a month since the last Need for Speed game graced store shelves (read our review here), EA has surprised us all with a sudden and striking teaser trailer for Need For Speed: The Run, the next title in the franchise. The release date was revealed to be set for November 15th, 2011 worldwide, most likely for Xbox 360, PlayStation3 and PC.

The trailer consists of an unconscious man trying to shake off a car crash. Memories begin to flash by of various American cities – San Francisco, Denver, New York – so as the title might suggest, it seems that the plot of the game must have to do with escaping something.

The typical trademarks of the series are also present with sirens, helicopters, and interestingly enough an out-of-car glimpse of running as well.

The trailer is certainly mysterious for a Need for Speed teaser, and fans will likely be intrigued by that simple fact. The franchise has become fairly straightforward in terms of expectations, but it certainly looks like The Run has the potential to bring some new ideas to the series.

Don’t just take our word for it – check it out yourself:


Shift 2 Unleashed seemed to do a good job defining controls and improving driving mechanics, and hopefully The Run will build upon the momentum, though we’re not certain if the same developer is behind the game – given the speed of this new reveal, we wouldn’t be placing any bets for either side. What is pretty likely is that over the course of the game, the player will be foreced to race across the US, but whether he’s running from police or a new threat remains unknown.

It’s uncommon for a NFS title to place the emphasis on the main character, even explicitly naming him as ‘Jack.’ Could this be a new story-focused direction for the series, or merely something more along the lines of Most Wanted?¬†We’ll keep you posted as more news about The Run sneaks its way out of the studio.

What do you think about Need for Speed: The Run? Do you think it has potential to be a good continuation for the NFS series? Did the trailer intrigue you at all?