Not too long ago, Electronic Arts officially announced its new racing title Need for Speed Payback by way of a reveal trailer, offering fans a look at a slew of slick cars burning rubber and pulling off over-the-top stunts, as well as a cursory glance at the story surrounding the main crew of characters players will use to take down The House, a “nefarious cartel” that runs the game world’s casinos, cops, and criminals. Bearing in mind these descriptions of the gameplay, the YouTuber known as GTA Wise Guy realized that the perfect title to use as a means to recreate the forthcoming racing release’s trailer would be Grand Theft Auto 5.

As seen below in the fan-made trailer for Need for Speed Payback, Grand Theft Auto 5 lends itself well to recreating the racing game’s original footage, as the Rockstar Games title provides a large open world full of a wide variety of different cars to stand in for the souped-up models in Electronic Arts’ forthcoming release. Not to mention, GTA Wise Guy manages to perfectly pace the remake trailer, as the action that’s staged is almost identical to the scenes found in NFS Payback‘s first trailer, with the cuts and edits precisely syncing up with the original.

Of course, Need for Speed Payback is far from the first video game to receive the remake trailer treatment in Grand theft Auto 5. As a matter of fact, soon after DICE and Electronic Arts announced the release of the World War I-inspired shooter Battlefield 1, a fan took it upon themselves to throw together a trailer remake in GTA 5, resulting in an impressive, albeit historically inaccurate bit of footage.

Soon enough, Need for Speed Payback fans are going to be shown some actual gameplay footage of the title during Electronic Arts’ E3 2017 press conference, which ought to provide a look at even more of the cars that players will be able to drive in the title. As it so happens, GTA Wise Guy has already exclaimed their excitement for the event, and it’s highly likely plenty of other racing game fans are pumped as well.

Need for Speed Payback is slated to release on November 10, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: GTA Wise Guy – YouTube