During Electronic Arts E3 2017 Press Conference today, gamers got a chance to see a handful of upcoming titles, including the action-packed Need for Speed Payback. After a quick (and somewhat awkward) introduction of the game by a YouTube content creator and a member of the EA team, gamers saw a glimpse of Need for Speed Payback gameplay.

EA previously described how Need for Speed Payback will throw players into the role of a trio of drivers who work together to take down The House, a nefarious cartel group hell-bent on running the game world’s casinos, cops, and criminals. In the trailer, which can be seen below, the playable crew (Tyler, Jess, and Mac) take on a truck that’s transporting a car equipped with a new piece of technology needed to bring down the cartel.

As expected, the gameplay is full of explosive, high-octane action that feels like a good mix of Need for Speed and Burnout. In fact, gamers will note the familiar slow-motion knockout camera when players ram through other cars that is iconic of the Burnout franchise.

So far, it looks like Need for Speed Payback is moving the franchise in the right direction after a couple of disappointing entries in the series in recent years. Hopefully the final product is as exciting and challenging as today’s gameplay showed.

What do you think about Need for Speed Payback, Ranters? Will the game help revive the struggling franchise?

Need for Speed Payback is set to release November 10, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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Source: YouTube