It’s time for another nice, long look at Need for Speed Most Wanted, courtesy of developer Criterion Games. Once again, it’s all but impossible to look at Most Wanted in action and not think of Burnout Paradise, though today’s trailer focuses on a mechanic that, for once, isn’t shared between the two games.

In Burnout Paradise, accessing a new car meant first taking it down on the streets of Paradise City, then heading to the junk yard where the car would be waiting — for a price. Need for Speed Most Wanted simplifies things considerably. Want to drive a Mercedes SL 65 Black Series? Of course you do (that’s it in the trailer, and in the screenshot below), and all that’s required is finding it parked somewhere in the immense, open world of Fairhaven. In fact, nearly every car in the game is available right from the very start, so long as players know where to find them.

Need for Speed Most Wanted Find It Drive It Trailer

That doesn’t mean players will be restricted to stock rides across the board. All of the cars in Most Wanted are fully upgradable, both in terms of appearance and performance. Check out the details straight from the Need for Speed website.

“Everything you do in Most Wanted earns you Speed Points, increases your Speed Level and unlocks Modifications. Upgrade your tires, chassis, body and suspension. Switch colours. Add license plates. Rollout in style. Enhance your car’s natural strengths, whether that’s straight-line speed, off-road performance or strength and durability. Or address its weaknesses. Improve the F-150 Raptor’s top speed, get the Corvette driving well off-road or add strength to the Arial Atom.”

Today’s trailer also offers a good look at Autolog 2.0, which is far more integrated into the in-game world than it was in Criterion’s previous Need for Speed game, Hot Pursuit. Simply drive to the starting point of a race, and the current rankings for that event pop right up in the middle of the road. A quick press on the controller’s triggers and players are in the race (well, after a loading screen and a short cinematic which will hopefully be shorter and skippable, respectively, in the finished game). The new footage also suggests that Most Wanted will be going easier on the shaky-cam and speed effects than the last few Need for Speed games.

Ranters, what do you think of Most Wanted’s find it, drive it mechanic? Will you try to find all the cars hidden throughout Fairhaven, or will you stick with one ride and fully upgrade it? And seriously, the bridge by the dam and the industrial waterfront in the trailer — dead ringers for Paradise City, don’t you think?

Need for Speed Most Wanted releases October 30th in North America, November 1st in Europe, on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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