New ‘Need for Speed’ Image Teases ‘Speed Hunters’

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2014 came and went without a new entry in EA’s Need for Speed series, with both publisher and developer Ghost Games opting to take the year off in favor of putting more time into this year’s new game. Layoffs soon hit the studio, but overall development on the game seemingly continued unhindered, and later this week, specifically tomorrow, May 21, is when the world will see just what the series has planned for its anticipated return.

On Monday, the Need for Speed Facebook page began dealing out the first wave of teasers for the soon-to-be-announced game, and the Internet took that image and discovered that the series may be returning to its Underground roots.

The Facebook page has been updated once again with another teaser (full image below) leading into tomorrow’s reveal. The new image features what could be the same car from the previous teaser, but the more interesting part is the “Speedhunters” printed on the tire.

Within the context of EA and the Need for Speed series, Speedhunters is the name of the publisher-owned car culture community. Speedhunters has published content related to the series in the past, with the most recent being for last year’s Need for Speed movie. This could mean the group will have a part to play in the new game.

As described on their website:

Speedhunters is an international collective of photographers, writers & drivers with a shared passion for digging up the most exciting stories surrounding Car Culture happening anywhere in the world.

Need for Speed 2015 - Speedhunters

Last year, when it was announced that Need For Speed wouldn’t return until 2015, Ghost Games’ GM stated that one of the goals was to “continue the celebration of cars and the joy they bring.” would definitely be suited to fulfilling that.

It’s possible these Speedhunters could be “reporters” that decide to dig into the world of street racing, or the player character will actually be a part of the group. Another possibility is that “Speedhunters” was just a cool name the team at Ghost Games decided on, and it also ending up being a name shared by another EA property. Game related coincidences have been known to happen before, though we admit this one doesn’t feel like a coincidence at all.

Expect more details tomorrow when the new Need for Speed is revealed in full. If the tease from earlier this week is any indication, the announcement will come via the series’ YouTube channel.

Source: Need for Speed on Facebook, Speedhunters