Need for Speed Heat: How to Drift

how to drift in need for speed heat

Need for Speed Heat is coming just in time for the weekend, and already fans of the franchise are preparing to leave their opponents in the dust. Initially leaked in EA's quarterly report, and subsequently followed by a countdown timer, Need for Speed Heat will take place in Miami, where racers and police will vie for dominance.

By day, Need for Speed Heat players will race in sanctioned events overseen by law-abiding police. But at night, when Need for Speed Heat players are taking to the wheel in illicit racing events, the dastardly cops will bend the rule of law in their favor, and try anything in their power to stop a Need for Speed Heat racer with too much heat.

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Drifting is an effective mechanic that players must utilize to best their opponents, while also steering clear of cops, day or night. Drifting can help Need for Speed players pull off much sharper turns around corners, while still helping them maintain their speed. Below is a quick tutorial to drifting.


Utilizing the handbrake is the first step to drifting in Need for Speed Heat. While accelerating into a turn, press the handbrake button (Square for PS4 and X for Xbox One), and watch as the car will begin to fishtail, effectively beginning the drifting process.

need for speed heat how to drift


In Need for Speed Heat, the key for getting the most out of drifting will revolve around pumping the accelerator while turning. To accomplish this, Need for Speed Heat players will need to release the R2 button (PS4) or RT (Xbox One), and allow for a brief pause. After the brief pause and in the midst of turning, Need for Speed Heat players should tap the accelerator, and thereby speed into their turns.


Some Need for Speed Heat players will naturally try to control speed in order to prevent losing control of the vehicle. This is counterintuitive, as speed is essential for taking corners dynamically and drifting successfully! Need for Speed Heat players should trust in the left joystick to maintain control of the vehicle while attempting to drift.

For most Need for Speed Heat players, drifting will take more than a few tries before they get the hang of it. But by following the above steps, players will be well on their way to becoming drift masters. Need for Speed Heat should serve as a breath of fresh air for the tenured franchise, as exemplified by Need for Speed Heat's new approach to DLC. While there are other racing games availableNeed for Speed Heat is certainly anticipated to be the next king of the genre.

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