Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit on Late Night

Just after the Kinect failed to impress on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit was there to do the opposite: look awesome.

Played via PlayStation 3 on live TV, Jimmy played a cop chasing after producer Jesse Abney, who is part of the reason the game is going back to its arcadier, awesomer roots (those are words now). It is mentioned that players now have the option to play a police officer for their entire career, and during the chase we get to see quite a few tricks the Buggati-Police racer has to offer, including roadblocks, EMPs and helicopters. Take a look after the jump:

Though Jimmy wasn't the best driver (thank goodness he knew how to reverse) the video still shows off a lot of awesome features. I think playing as the dear po-po is going to be a blast, especially in multiplayer events. In the delicious video about, we got to see Interceptor 1-on-1, which so far has been the only gamemode revealed - but rest assured, more from Criterion is coming.

It seems Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is finally going to snap the series out of a long drought - which, ironically, it's pretty much been in since the last Hot Pursuit game. The fact that the city is reportedly 4 times larger than Paradise City of the Burnout series doesn't sound too shabby either - it looks good, and it plays well (even if Jimmy didn't!). I'm pretty stoked for the game, and I haven't played a Need for Speed in a long while. What do you think about the game? Does it look good to you?

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is coming out November 16th in America and November 19th for our European buddies. And yes, for those fans of the upcoming 3D generation of games - it'll feature full 3D support, so you can get dizzy while you drift corners at 200mph. As the bad guys in River City Ransom once put it, "BARF!"

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