First Need for Speed Heat Gameplay Trailer Revealed

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Just days after getting a release date, Need for Speed Heat received its first look at gameplay at Gamescom Opening Night. With the franchise’s focus returning to evading the police and car customization, developer Ghost Games promises a return to form for the Need for Speed series.

Earlier this month, EA teased a countdown to an impending Need for Speed announcement. And to the delight of fans, the 24th installment into the street racing franchise was officially unveiled.

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Taking place in the fictional Palm City, Need for Speed Heat looks to be a return to the core gameplay mechanics that made the franchise a fan favorite for the past 25 years – car modifications and cop chases. But, in addition to the return of these classic Need for Speed staples, Heat is introducing players to Speedhunters Showdown – daytime “sanctioned racing events” that invite players to compete and win upgrades.

Need for Speed Heat also switches up incentives when racing at night. Illicit street races take place after the sun goes down for a chance to gain more rep. But with a bigger reputation, comes more attention from the police. And the cops aren’t just here for fun, either. Player progress can be severely impeded if caught.

Along with all of the campaign details, Need for Speed Heat promises an explorable open world and tons of customizations. Not only are the cars customizable, but so are the drivers. And for the first time ever in the franchise, EA has created an app that will allow players to customize their cars with weekly drops of parts and cars. (After the trailer was shown, EA announced that the app is live on the App Store and the Google Play Store today.)

Ghost Games three entries in the franchise have not been the series’ most well-received, but the developer hopes that Heat will serve as a return to form. And it looks as though Need for Speed is looking to do that through customization (and no loot boxes). Whether it be vehicle or player customization through the game or the newly announced app, it sounds as though there is no end to the ways players can make Need for Speed Heat their own.

Need for Speed Heat will be released on November 8th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. EA Access and EA Origin Access Premier subscribers will have access to the full game on PC on November 5th.

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