EA Teases Next Need for Speed Game Set in Seattle?

It's no secret that EA intends to release a new Need for Speed game over the next twelve months — the company's CEO confirmed these plans earlier this year. However, we now have a pretty good idea of where the next installment in the enduringly popular racing franchise will be set.

Yesterday, the official Need for Speed Twitter account posted a mysterious image of a cloudy sky. At first glance, there doesn't seem to be much that can be learned from the picture, but a closer look reveals some interesting information about the as-yet-unrevealed sequel.

The bottom part of the image actually depicts a city skyline. It's a little bit easier to see if you look at it from an angle, by tilting your screen or manoeuvring around your device. It's not exactly a revelation to find out that the next Need for Speed game will take place in an urban area, but one building in particular stands out.

The rightmost structure in the image looks a lot like the Space Needle, an observation tower situated in Seattle, Washington. That would seem to suggest that the next game in the Need for Speed franchise will take place in the birthplace of the grunge movement.

This is the just about the first piece of tangible information that we've received about the future of the Need for Speed series. However, EA has already confirmed that the next game won't require players to be connected to the internet during gameplay, an element of the previous instalment that was widely criticized.

The timing of this teaser suggests that we'll hear plenty more about Need for Speed at E3 2017, where it's slated to be playable. We know that EA plans to release the game before March 2018, so a late 2017 release seems more than likely at this point in time.

Need for Speed is currently in development.

Source: Twitter

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