Need for Speed Locked at 30FPS on Consoles; No Paid DLC Planned

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The newest Need for Speed game looks visually stunning thanks to its extra year of polish, but running those graphics isn’t always the easiest thing to do for most systems. We’ve seen with our own eyes that Need for Speed actually looks like it does in the trailer, which in itself was gorgeous. Whilst the reboot for the franchise looks fantastic, such advances in graphics don’t come without their own drawbacks, and today the developer announced the drawbacks for console gamers.

Ghost Games released an official FAQ which reveals that Need for Speed will be locked to 30 FPS on consoles, as well as revealing that they don’t plan to release paid DLC.

The 30 frames per second limit is only be imposed on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, meaning that – despite the gorgeous visuals – some fans may feel left behind as PC gamers get to enjoy the 60 frames per second action. PC gamers will get the fully unlocked framerate from day one, but Ghost Games revealed they needed to delay the PC version until Spring 2016 to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. A recently-posted Need for Speed FAQ explains the decision to lock the consoles at 30FPS.

“We always look to maximize the game technology with the platform technology for the experience we’re building, which is why the game will run at 30FPS on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. By doing this we ensure that your gameplay experience remains incredibly smooth and allows you to experience the high speed, adrenaline-fueled gameplay that you’ve come to expect from the Need for Speed series.”

Need for Speed Graphics

Need for Speed isn’t alone in its 30 FPS lock on consoles: both PS4 and Xbox One have had 30 FPS limits on games like Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, Destiny and The Witcher 3. As powerful as consoles have become in the current generation, it’s clear to see that game development runs at a faster pace than consoles with a marketable lifespan can sustain. Even then, there are some great titles exclusive to dedicated gaming hardware that makes it hard for players to pass up.

The studio also announced that they are straying away from any kind of paid DLC platform from the start, and confirmed they are planning a series of free updates which will hit the game over a long post-launch timeline. Ghost Games’ official statement read that they “currently have no plans for any paid DLC”, however, which means they are leaving some room to change their minds at a later date. Still, the free content that is planned sounds like a tantalizing prospect for hopeful racers.

What do you think about consoles being locked at 30 FPS, Ranters? Do you think 30FPS is smooth enough to please today’s gamers?

Source: Need for Speed FAQ