Electronic Arts is wasting no time with its brand new Need For Speed campaign, which just launched yesterday with a teasing tweet about getting the party started. Not even 24 hours later, the official twitter account followed up on the tease with an actual calendar date to look forward to, which is coming far sooner than many had expected: tomorrow. The full Need For Speed reveal is slated to begin June 2 at 6AM PDT, and will likely bring with it an initial trailer and a potential release date.

The initial tweet had shown a cloudy skyline, and some careful image editing extrapolated what appeared to be Seattle-based structures obscured by the clouds, with the Space Needle structure being an obvious standout. Today’s tweet shows the aforementioned buildings with increased clarity, lending much more credence to the theory that the new Need for Speed will indeed take place in Seattle, Washington. Further details are expected to come during the full reveal tomorrow, which will presumably be livestreamed on YouTube given that that’s where the tweet links to.

Gamers had already known that Need For Speed would be one of Electronic Arts’ playable titles at E3 2017, though previously it wasn’t known if the game would wait until the convention began before revealing its initial trailer. Instead, it looks like EA is grabbing an early spotlight for itself, with more information likely to follow up at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in 2 weeks time.

While there’s currently no known release date for Need For Speed, Electronic Arts stated that the game will release before March 2018, when the company’s quarterly financial statements are due to come out. This means the game will likely see a holiday 2017 release window, but for now gamers will have to wait until the full reveal tomorrow to really dive into the details. Currently, the only other piece of confirmed information is that the game has dropped its previous always-online requirement, a move which is sure to be lauded by fans.

What do you think the new Need For Speed will bring to the plate, Ranters?

The next Need For Speed currently has no release date, but more information will certainly drop on June 2, 2017.

Source: Twitter